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The San Diego Chapter has approximately 65 members in good standing. Luncheon meetings are held monthly, featuring a guest speaker. In addition, other events are held throughout the year where spouses and invited guests are able to enjoy the friendship of others in a social setting. To learn more about QED Members, please select the "Membership" menu above.

At the core of Q.E.D.’s basis for existence is its dedication to engaging speakers who have distinguished themselves in a broad swath of industrial, economic, academic, military, political and professional careers. The experiences and viewpoints of these many accomplished people, as shared with Q.E.D. membership at its monthly meetings, regularly fulfill the defining purpose of Q.E.D. (i.e., Quandaries, Explorations, Decisions) to the benefit and enlightenment of the members. To view a summary of our past guest speakers and the subjects they covered at Q.E.D. monthly meetings, please